What is counselling?


Counselling, sometimes referred to as ‘the talking therapy’, is about creating a safe therapeutic space to explore and understand inner psychological processes and increase self-fulfilment. Such interaction offers the opportunity to look beyond the outer layers of the social roles we adopt in life and seeks the authentic voice of the self, unfettered by external expectations and judgments. It can help a person open up an inner space that is receptive to newness of thought and possibilities that emanate from a growing sense of self, thus increasing self-confidence and hopefulness.


People seek counselling for many different reasons. It is often about facing life issues such as changes in relationships, transitions, identity issues, loss. Counselling can provide the psychological space to process complex and often conflicting emotions, dilemmas and choices.


For others, it is prolonged stress with physical manifestations such as disturbed sleep patterns and feeling constantly tired that moves them to seek a psychological understanding and way of managing.



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