What is CBT?


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT, is a relatively short-term focused therapy that helps people identify thinking patterns associated with how they see themselves, their future and their problems.


Cognitive therapy is not defined by techniques. Rather it is defined by the focus on thoughts and thinking styles. The link between thoughts, feelings and actions is always present in a CBT model of therapy.

CBT Triangle

Like the triangle with three sides connected to one another, these three aspects of experiencing affect one another. Therefore a shift in one aspect influences the other.


CBT as a therapy model for a wide range of conditions has been widely researched. It is known to be particularly effective for the following:


  • OCD
  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Panic Disorder
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Perfectionism


CBT is one model for helping people find ways to cope with psychological difficulties. It is considered to be the treatment of choice for depression and anxiety  by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.  For more information see the NICE guidelines: click here



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